Is it possible to have sex with an inguinal hernia

Many male patients, faced with a disease such as an inguinal hernia, are wondering if this pathology affects their sex life? Today, doctors can confidently state that having sex with an inguinal hernia may not be possible. The reason for this is the peculiarities of the anatomical localization of the pathological protrusion.

Why does pathology appear

Before understanding the relationship between inguinal hernia and potency, it is necessary to understand why the disease develops at all. Today we can say with confidence that most of the males are prone to this pathology, moreover, it is diagnosed in about 25% of patients.

sex with inguinal hernia

All factors can be divided into intrauterine and acquired during life.

Intrauterine factors include genetic abnormalities, prematurity and other negative effects on the fetus, which can provoke the formation of a defect in the groin area. If a baby was born with a pathology, then its symptoms mainly begin to bother him from the first days of life. Then therapy can be carried out so that in the future the baby does not remember the presence of any problems.

Acquired during life factors mainly lead to the fact that the disease is detected in adult patients.

These factors include:

  • regular excessive physical activity;
  • various diseases of the prostate, which always accompanies
  • painful urination;
  • various pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, provoking constipation, which are difficult to deal with;
  • insufficient strength of the muscular system in the abdominal area due to lack of physical activity;
  • various inflammatory processes affecting the genitourinary system;
    being overweight.

impotence with hernia

An inguinal hernia goes through several stages of development.

Does it affect the sexual life at first? No, at first the man is not bothered by any negative symptoms at all, and therefore the visit to the doctor is shelved. Naturally, delay in therapy does not contribute to treatment, but it is important to remember that the sooner the patient seeks help, the less damage will be caused by a defect in the groin area of ​​\u200b\u200bits sex life.

Symptoms and manifestations

How can you determine the presence of an inguinal hernia? In the early stages of the development of the disease, symptoms are almost completely absent. The only thing that can alert a man is the presence of a characteristic protrusion in the groin area. But often this protrusion will not make you see a doctor.

It is necessary to seek help from a doctor when a symptom becomes aching, pulling pain in the area of ​​the protrusion. Pain can disturb the patient both after a physical load and at rest.

As the hernia progresses, complaints of constipation will appear, which develop due to the fact that it becomes difficult for the stool to move through the intestines.


An inguinal hernia will affect potency only in the very advanced stages of the disease. During this period, problems with ejaculation, sexual relations in general can be noted. The longer a man ignores the presence of symptoms of the disease, the more intense the inguinal hernia will affect potency. In extreme cases, the disease can even lead to sexual impotence, which cannot be eliminated promptly after the treatment of the inguinal canal defect itself.  

The effect of the disease on the reproductive system

Does a hernia in the groin affect the reproductive system? Yes, there is an impact, and, moreover, it is often so pronounced that the patient is unable to cope with it, which negatively affects his psycho-emotional state.

If the pathology is congenital, it can lead to cryptorchidism. This concept means the impossibility of lowering the testicle into the scrotum due to interference in the form of loops of the large intestine or omentum. In this case, the development of the testicle can completely stop, which in the future will end for a man in infertility or a significant decrease in reproductive capacity.

inguinal hernia and infertility

Under the influence of an inguinal hernia on a growing organism, the testicle can not only not descend, but also move. On examination, in this case, the doctor will find the testicle at the base of the penis, the other half of the scrotum, or in the region of the femoral triangle (in especially advanced cases, it will be in the perineum).

It is important to remember that the negative impact of a hernia is also manifested if it did not develop from birth, but only with age.

The formation of a protrusion can lead to the fact that important nerve or vascular bundles get into it, the clamping of which will lead to malnutrition of the genital organs or their insufficient innervation. Can the reproductive system completely atrophy due to the action of an inguinal hernia on it? In medical practice, such cases are possible only with congenital bilateral pathology, in which both testicles did not descend into the scrotum. The likelihood of such a development of events is quite small.

Impact on sexual function

How does an inguinal hernia affect sexual function? This question naturally worries a large number of men, since not everyone understands how anatomy and subsequent physiological changes are interconnected.

If the testicle enters the hernial sac, the following effects may occur:

  • ischemic changes will form in the testicle, as it will be deprived of the correct and complete blood supply;
  • incorrect temperature of the testicles will affect their tissue, leading to its degeneration with subsequent loss of functional activity;
  • in some cases, the close proximity of the blood vessels and the vas deferens or the testicle itself leads to the fact that the barrier between them is destroyed, due to which the spermatozoa are in the blood, and the immune system begins to actively produce antibodies against them.

sex life with inguinal hernia

Does all this affect the ability to have sex and the state of sexual function in general? Naturally!

It is safe to say that such an impact leads to:

  • castration of the thermal type (testicular tissues are very sensitive to temperatures, and when overheated, it is quite possible that the tissue degenerates so strongly that they can no longer perform their function);
  • persistent infertility (in this case, there are several reasons for its development, including the loss of sperm activity, the inability to get them through the vas deferens, ejaculation disorders);
  • a decrease in blood flow in the vessels of the genital organs (in this case, metabolic processes decrease, the work of all systems deprived of a sufficient amount of blood slows down, which negatively affects the work of these areas);
  • insufficient testosterone synthesis (hormonal disorders are rare, but can develop with inguinal hernia);
  • changes in the characteristics of sperm, its composition, which can negatively affect the activity of spermatozoa.

At the same time, it is interesting that if a person with an inguinal hernia has sex, this can lead to a sharp deterioration in his condition. This is due to the fact that sexual intercourse is also perceived by the body as physical activity.


Any representative of the stronger sex who has been diagnosed with a defect in the wall of the inguinal canal should understand that folk remedies for the treatment of the disease are not suitable, and even if you really don’t want to, you still have to see a doctor.

consequences of inguinal hernia in men

An inguinal hernia can only be removed by surgery. This method is the most effective, even though doctors do not always treat protrusions of various localizations with the help of

If there is an infringement of the inguinal hernia, then the patient needs immediate medical care. In this case, the course and features of the operation will be decided quickly. If the hernia is not yet infringed, doctors will carefully assess the situation, consider the course of the intervention and a plan for subsequent treatment.

Surgical intervention, carried out using modern techniques, does not pose a threat to the potency of a man. The operation is accompanied by minimal invasion, but the defect is reliably eliminated, and the likelihood of its recurrence is reduced to almost zero. The recovery postoperative period takes about two weeks. With chronic health problems, however, recovery can take a little longer.

erectile dysfunction treatment

An inguinal hernia, especially if it is severely advanced, poses a direct threat to the patient's normal sexual life, affecting not only his general health, but also his mental state.

In this regard, it must be remembered that a timely visit to a doctor will prevent complications on the reproductive system. If you treat an inguinal hernia in a timely manner or prevent it from appearing at all, this can be the key to a healthy sex life, which is very important for males.

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